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Welcome to ComfortEagle Roofing! We are a woman-owned roofing company in the North Metro Atlanta Area and are committed to providing top-quality roofing services. We have over two decades of experience in the roofing industry. During this time, we’ve completed hundreds of projects and have acquired skills and knowledge to handle everything related to roofing systems.

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Stephanie is the owner and founder of ComfortEagle Roofing. As the only woman-owned roofing company in the area, she works at her roofing job with pride and love. At home in Kennesaw, GA, she takes care of two kids, two dogs, and even a pet turtle. Yet, she still finds time to maintain, clean, and insure roofs throughout the North Metro Atlanta area.

When she was young, her father declared that he always wanted a boy. She took this as a challenge and opportunity to spend the first 20 years of her life working in the construction industry. Then, in college, she took up finance, graduated, and worked in a large engineering firm. There, she achieved a professional certification in project management. By that time, Stephanie realized she didn’t like interior designing or indoor work, so she went back to roofing. She has loved it since and has started this roofing business.

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The Best Roof to Protect What Matters Most: Family

By the grace of God, we’ve been serving the local area for years. We aim to improve our community, one roof at a time. This means educating homeowners on ways to protect their families and houses, providing excellent service, and otherwise working to elevate our industry.

We provide friendly, courteous service and exceptional work. In addition, we offer flexible scheduling, so that you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with timely and effective solutions. Call us today in order to learn more about our services!

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