Roofing Concierge & Claims Specialist with ComfortEagle, LLC

an Enterprise Risk Control Accredited company based out of Woodstock, GA.

We work with several agents throughout the Metro Atlanta area providing roof inspections prior to the purchase or sale of residential homes.
I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have the roof inspected by a Certified Roofing & Claims Specialist. Most Home Inspectors do not have the expertise to diagnose storm-related damages that may be covered by the current homeowner's insurance policy, but once sold will be the responsibility of the new owner to fix.
Suggesting that your clients have their roof inspected before they purchase or put their home on the market will provide you and your client with a great deal of peace of mind.
Each of our inspections includes:

  • Photo documentation of any damages
  • Damage type determination conducted by a Certified Roof Specialist
  • Digital Roof Analysis Video

Roof Inspection Storm Damage
  • Consultation with Homeowner regarding next steps
  • Assistance with filing a claim, when necessary
  • Quote to replace/repair

To make scheduling more convenient, I have included a link to my calendar below. Please feel free to use this link to select a time that works best with your schedule.

We look forward to working with you!